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Abdullah Alazemi

Prof. Abdullah Alazemi

Hello there .. Here is a short bio about me:

I started my studies in Mathematics in 1995 at Kuwait University, department of mathematics. I got my bachelor in May 2000.

In 2001, I started my studies (Master and Ph. D.) in Colorado States University (CSU). My Ph. D. thesis focused on graphs and some combinatorial objects. To be precise, I studied different methods to construct such objects and further to study their isomorphism group classes. This directed me to fall in love with: graph theorey, combinatorics and group theory.

In 2007, I recieved my Ph. D. degree from CSU and then started my career here in Kuwait University as a faculty member in the department of Mathematics.

I continued my studies focusing on spectral graph theory, combinatorial objects and Algebra.

Abdullah Alazemi


     I am a member of Research Area 'Pure Mathematics' covering:

          • Combinatorics,

          • Graph Theory,

          • Spectral Graph Theory, and

          • Linear Algebra.